ABSolute Fitness & Nutrition was started by a group of visionaries whose agenda spans beyond city limits and national borders. Driven by a vision of 'helping others live a healthy, active lifestyle', their impact on the community and the world is growing and unstoppable. 

"Our desire is to create a community of health, hope, and love through encouragement, support, and accountability; a community zealous to revamp the bodies we have been given."

Our club is founded upon and promotes the use of Herbalife nutrition, while providing fitness solutions to create this healthy, active community. 

Our club is truly a community. Classes are often led by members while new friends encourage and challenge each other toward better health and increased financial opportunity.  ABSolute is a family, and we'd love for you to join us.‚Äč

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Shane & Sandra Hodge

Doug & Kristin Gray

Jeremy & Amber Muncy

We give all thanks and glory to God for the blessings of ABSolute, Herbalife, and all the relationships that have come from being part of this opportunity that is so much greater than anything we could've imagined. We are so thankful for James Deets, Josh Rangel, Don McCroan, Amber & Jeremy Muncy, and Shane & Sandra Hodge who joined with us early on in this endeavor and helped make it what it is today. Seriously, who would have thought that both a remodeler and a teacher could get great results on their nutrition plans, decide to become health coaches, and make a commitment to make the world healthy - physically, mentally, and spiritually? We cannot wait to see the BIG things the Lord has in store for our team and our community!

About Us

Your life does not get better by chance;

it gets better by change.

~Jim Rohn